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LSS specialized in dealing with the Laboratory Products and Equipment like:

For Chemistry& Biology Labs

  • • Quality Assured Chemicals and Reagents both Global and Homegrown.
  • • Precised Liquid Handling Vessels and Equipment.
  • • Cleaning Solutions and disinfectants.
  • • Volumetric Glass and Plastic Instruments for Chemical Labs
  • • Weighing Machines, Gyro Shakers, Heating apparatus
  • • Filter Papers of different sizes and shapes.

For Physics&Mathematics Labs

  • • Various Electric and Electrometers.
  • • Sono Meters and Resonance Columns for Physics Labs..
  • • Maps, Charts, Teaching and Testing Kits,
  • • Still and Working Models for Science Exhibitions for both Schools and Colleges.

For Workrooms &Engineering Lab

  • • Both Battery Acids and Laboratory Acids
  • • Lead Acid Batteries and Lithium Ion Batteries for various laboratory usages.
  • • Distilled Water for Lead Acid Batteries.
  • • Glass Cleaning Solutions for Glass etching Work and Surface Cleaning Solutions for Electroplating.

Lab equipments offered


Analitical Balance

pH Meter and other electrochemistry range



BP Apparatus


Porsaline products

Silica,platinum wares


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